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Dresden and Meissen porcelain are often confused. Porcelains were made in the town of Meissen, Germany, beginning about 1706. The town of Dresden, Germany, has been home to many decorating studios since the early 1700s. Blanks were obtained from Meissen and other porcelain factories. Some say porcelain was also made in Dresden in the early years. Decorations on Dresden are often similar to Meissen, and marks were copies. Some of the earlies books on marks confused Dresden and Meissen, and that has remained a problem ever since. The Meissen “AR” mark and crossed swords mark are among the most forge marks on porcelain. Meissen pieces are listed in this book under Meissen. German porcelain marked “Dresden” is listed here. Irish Dresdenand Dresden made in East Liverpool, Ohio, are not included in this book.


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Lakeside Scene, Purple, Green, Gilt, Angel Handles, Marked, V.E.B., 16 1/2 In., Illustrated
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