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Sebastian Miniatures
Sebastian Miniatures

Sebastian Miniatures were first made by Prescott W. Baston in 1938 in Arlington, Massachusetts. Baston moved his studio to Marblehead, Massachusetts, in 1946 and to Hudson, Massachusetts, in 1976. Figurines at Hudson were made in cooperation with Lance Corporation until 1997, when Lance closed. Baston’s son, Prescott W. Baston, Jr., began designing figurines in the 1980s. Since 1998 Sebastain Miniatures have been made by Wayland Studio in Wayland, Massachusetts. More than 400 different designs have been made, and collectors search for the out-of-production models. The mark may say Copr. P.W. Baston U.S.A., or P.W. Baston U.S.A., or Prescott W. Baston. Sometimes a paper label was used.

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ImageCategoryPattern or ItemDescriptionYear PricedPrice
Sebastian MiniaturesSanta ClausJell-O A Fine Treat For All, P.W. Baston, Copr. 1955, 3 x 4 In. Illustrated2013Login / Create Account for Price
 Sebastian MiniaturesColonial Watchman P.W. Baston Corp.,1947, 4 1/4 In.2015Login / Create Account for Price
 Sebastian MiniaturesLittle Nell & Her Grandfather P.W. Baston, 2 7/8 In.2015Login / Create Account for Price
 Sebastian MiniaturesMother Dear See Here!, See Here!, Jell-O, Black Sticker, P.W. Baston, 4 In.2015Login / Create Account for Price
 Sebastian MiniaturesSwitching The Freight Prescott W. Baston, 3 3/4 x 2 1/4 In.2015Login / Create Account for Price
 Sebastian MiniaturesThomas Jefferson Blue Label, Copr. 1949, P.W. Baston, 3 1/2 In.2015Login / Create Account for Price
 Sebastian MiniaturesAmerica RemembersFamily Reads Aloud 2 1/2 In.2011Login / Create Account for Price
 Sebastian MiniaturesBaby Buggy Of 1850Box2011Login / Create Account for Price
 Sebastian MiniaturesCandy Store19472011Login / Create Account for Price
 Sebastian MiniaturesCaptain John Smith3 In.2011Login / Create Account for Price
 Sebastian MiniaturesCleopatraQueen Of Egypt c.1955 3 In.2011Login / Create Account for Price
 Sebastian MiniaturesColonial Glass Blower1957 3 1/4 x 3 In.2011Login / Create Account for Price
 Sebastian MiniaturesColonial KitchenBox2011Login / Create Account for Price
 Sebastian MiniaturesCorner Drug StoreBox2011Login / Create Account for Price
 Sebastian MiniaturesCranberry Picker19502011Login / Create Account for Price
 Sebastian MiniaturesDame Van WinkleBox2011Login / Create Account for Price
 Sebastian MiniaturesDickens CottageBox2011Login / Create Account for Price
 Sebastian MiniaturesDoctorBox2011Login / Create Account for Price
 Sebastian MiniaturesEmmett Kelley ClownBox2011Login / Create Account for Price
 Sebastian MiniaturesFarmerBox2011Login / Create Account for Price
 Sebastian MiniaturesFirst KiteFather & Son Box 1981 3 1/4 In.2011Login / Create Account for Price
 Sebastian MiniaturesGames In Springtime19532011Login / Create Account for Price
 Sebastian MiniaturesGirl At DeskBoy At Desk Box Pair2011Login / Create Account for Price
 Sebastian MiniaturesLobstermanBox2011Login / Create Account for Price
 Sebastian MiniaturesMasonic Water TowerCharlton Massachusetts 19862011Login / Create Account for Price

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