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Lunch Boxes
Lunch Boxes

Lunch boxes and lunch pails have been used to carry lunches to school or work since the nineteenth century. The first lunch box came out in 1902 and was shaped like a picnic basket, with scenes of children playing on it. Today, most collectors want either early tobacco advertising boxes or children's lunch boxes made since the 1930s. These boxes are made of metal or plastic. Boxes listed here include the original Thermos bottle inside the box unless otherwise indicated. Movie, television, and cartoon characters may be found in their own categories. Tobacco tin pails and lunch boxes are listed in the Advertising category. 

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ImageCategoryPattern or ItemDescriptionYear PricedPrice
 Lunch BoxesThe Black HoleSci-Fi, Image Of Spaceship, Aladdin, 19792013Login / Create Account for Price
 Lunch BoxesThe Flying NunBrunch Bag, Aladdin Industries, 19682013Login / Create Account for Price
 Lunch BoxesThe Osmonds5 Brothers On Front, Tour Bus, Instruments, Aladdin, 19732013Login / Create Account for Price
 Lunch BoxesThe Pink PantherVinyl, White With Pink Panther & Inspector Clouseau, United Artists, 19802013Login / Create Account for Price
 Lunch BoxesTom Corbett Space CadetRed Version, Aladdin, 19522013Login / Create Account for Price
 Lunch BoxesTravelersBlue Ground, Red Border, Trains, Boats, Airplanes, Ohio Art, 19622013Login / Create Account for Price
 Lunch BoxesVoyage To The Bottom Of The SeaSub & Giant Octopus, Aladdin, 19672013Login / Create Account for Price
 Lunch BoxesYankee DoodlesGeorge Washington, Minutemen Crossing Delaware, King Seeley, 19752013Login / Create Account for Price
 Lunch BoxesZorroRed Sky & Red Border, Zorro Rearing Up On Horse, Aladdin, 19662013Login / Create Account for Price
 Lunch BoxesBallerina Lilac Ballerinas, Vinyl, Aladdin, 1960s2012Login / Create Account for Price
 Lunch BoxesBanana Splits White Vinyl, Playing Band Instruments, King Seeley, 1960s2012Login / Create Account for Price
 Lunch BoxesBarbie Pink Vinyl Case, Thermos, Box, Mattel1990, 8 x 8 1/2 In. 2012Login / Create Account for Price
 Lunch BoxesCabbage Patch Kids Square19832012Login / Create Account for Price
 Lunch BoxesCare Bears Embossed, Aladdin Industries19842012Login / Create Account for Price
 Lunch BoxesClash Of The Titans Pegasus Attacking Monster, King Seeley19812012Login / Create Account for Price
 Lunch BoxesColonel Ed McCauley Space Explorer Aladdin Industries19602012Login / Create Account for Price
 Lunch BoxesDr. Seuss The Cat In The Hat, Horton, Embossed, Aladdin Industries19702012Login / Create Account for Price
 Lunch BoxesFall Guy Aladdin, Square19812012Login / Create Account for Price
 Lunch BoxesFess Parker Brown Simulated Leather, Black Handle, Standard Plastics Products19642012Login / Create Account for Price
 Lunch BoxesFlipper Tin, Scenes On All Sides, King Seeley19662012Login / Create Account for Price
 Lunch BoxesGarfield The Cat Cartoon Image, Thermos, Plastic19782012Login / Create Account for Price
 Lunch BoxesGreat Wild West Indians, War Bonnet, Paint Horse, Universal19592012Login / Create Account for Price
 Lunch BoxesGremlins Driving Pink Corvette, Embossed, Aladdin Industries19842012Login / Create Account for Price
 Lunch BoxesHello Kitty Happy Holidays, Tin, Japan19902012Login / Create Account for Price
 Lunch BoxesHolly Hobbie Blue Plastic Handle, Aladdin Industries19812012Login / Create Account for Price

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