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Iron is a metal that has been used by man since prehistoric times. It is a popular metal for tools and decorative items like doorstops that need as much weight as possible. Though iron is harder and much more durable than bronze, it is more likely to rust. Items are listed here or under other appropriate headings, such as Bookends, Doorstop, Kitchen, Match Holder, or Tool. The tool that is used for ironing clothes, an iron, is listed in the Kitchen category under Iron and Sadiron.

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ImageCategoryPattern or ItemDescriptionYear PricedPrice
 IronPaperweightSki Jumper, Red, White, Blue, Hubley, 2 x 3 In.2011
 IronPaperweightSkier Girl, Standing, White, Blue, Red, Hubley, No. 132, 3 x 3 1/4 In.2011
 IronPaperweightSouthern Belle, Painted, Blue & Yellow Dress, Red Hair, Bonnet, 4 1/4 In.2011
 IronPlacecard HolderDog, Pekinese, Brown, Black, Cast, Hubley,2011
 IronPlacecard HolderFrog, Green, Cast, Hubley2011
 IronPlacecard HolderPig, Holding Stick, Red, White, Blue, Cast, Hubley2011
 IronPlaqueRoman Scenes, Horse On Parade, People, Cupid, Oval, Copper Finish, 1820s, 22 x 30 In.2011
 IronRackGame, 4 Birds On Rail, Forged, 15 x 24 In.2011
 IronRoasterCoffee Bean, Fireplace, Wood Handle, Cylinder, Slide Lid, 45 1/2 In.2011
 IronSafeCombination, Syracuse, Wheels, 26 x 16 x 18 In.2011
 IronSafeHobnails, Wheels, Key, 32 x 22 x 19 1/2 In.2011
 IronSafeWheels, Warth-Baum, 26 x 18 x 16 In.2011
 IronShield BucklerRolled Edge, Embossed Petals, Leather Grips, c.1775, 11 3/8 In.2011
 IronShoe ScraperShoeshine Boy, 13 In.,2011
 IronStandVotive, Lion’s Head Corners, 4 Rows Of Candleholder Cups, 40 Cranberry Glasses, 19202011
 IronStepsCarriage, Jockey Handhold, Cast, 19th Century, 54 1/2 In.2011
 IronStrong BoxDovetailed, Multicolored Flowers, c.1784, 15 x 15 x 8 In.2011
 IronTeakettleTiller, Gooseneck Spout, Bail Swing Handle, Loop Hook, Round, 14 1/4 In.2011
 IronTie RackBlack, Man, Leaves, 5 Hooks, Marked, 1952, 6 3/4 x 13 In.2011
 IronWindmill WeightCrescent Moon2011
 IronWindmill WeightRooster, Stamped, Hummer, 9 x 9 1/4 In.2011
 IronWindmill WeightRooster, White, Red, 20th Century, 20 In.2011
 IronLetter HolderCoiled Spring, 5 1/2 In.1995Login / Create Account for Price
 IronLid LifterEstate Wood Stove, Cutout Lettering On Handle1995Login / Create Account for Price
 IronAshtraySkillet, Ace Hardware Stores, Miniature1995Login / Create Account for Price

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