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Furniture of all types is listed in this category. Examples dating from the seventeenth century to the 1970s are included. Prices for furniture vary in different parts of the country. Oak furniture is most expensive in the West; large pieces over eight feet high are sold for the most money in the South, where high ceilings are found in the old homes. Condition is very important when determining prices. These are NOT average prices but rather reports of unique sales. If the description includes the word style, the piece resembles an older furniture style that was made at an earlier time. It is not a period piece. The major furniture periods in America are Pilgrim (1620s-1700), William and Mary (1690-1720), Queen Anne (1720-1750), Chippendale (1750-1780), Federal (1780-1840), Victorian (1840-1900), Art Nouveau (1890-1914), Arts & Crafts (1910-1925), Art Deco (1920-1940) and Midcentury Modern (1950-). Garden furniture is listed in the Garden Furnishings category. Related items may be found in the Architectural, Brass, and Store categories. 

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Windsor, High Back, Medallion On Back, Cutout For Potty, 46 3/4 In.
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