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Banks of metal have been made since 1868. There are still banks, mechanical banks, and registering banks (those that record the total money deposited) on the face of the bank). The value of a bank is not determined solely by age. Rarity and condition also determine value. Many old iron or tin banks have been reproduced since the 1950s in iron or plastic. Some old well-known reproductions marked Book of Knowledge, John Wright, or Capron are listed. Pottery, glass, and plastic banks are also listed here. Mickey Mouse and other Disneyana banks are listed in Disneyana. Some banks are identified by M numbers based on The Penny Bank Book: Collecting Still Banks by Andy and Susan Moore and the R numbers based on Coin Banks by Banthrico by James L. Redwine. 

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Boy Robbing Bird’s Nest, J. & E. Stevens illustrated
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bank-mechanical-boy-robbing-birds-nest-j-and-e-stevens-ba050914-0434.jpg Photo Credit: Bertoia Auctions

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