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Different collecting styles add to the appeal of Kovels' Antiques and Collectibles Price Guide – Kovels' 100th book

SUMMARY – Terry Kovel has just finished her 100th book, the 2012 edition of Kovels' Antiques and Collectibles Price Guide, a major milestone. She wrote her first 97 books with her late husband, Ralph, and her last three with her daughter, Kim Kovel. The book reflects their different collecting styles.

CLEVELAND – April 24, 2012 –How does Kovels Antiques and Collectibles Price Guide, now in its 44th year, stay current? By reflecting different collecting styles. This isn't a problem for Terry and Kim Kovel, whose collecting tastes run from traditional to modern. This is Terry's 100th book. The information, tips and prices in the guide are proof of her encyclopedic knowledge of antiques and collectibles. And Terry and Kim's different styles reflect the diverse interests of today's collectors.

Egyptian Revival Chair vs. Eero Aarnio Bright Red "Pastil" Chairs from 1967

Egyptian Revival Chair – Terry

Egyptian Revival ChairRalph and I saw a large, ornate Egyptian-style chair in the corner of a picker's shop. It was outrageous when compared to the popular decorating of the day—monotone rooms, straight lines, light colors and little decoration. This was a large chair with gold hardware shaped like sphinx heads and lions. The carved legs had incised lines accented with gold and hoof-shaped feet. We bought it for $95 and put it in our library. In the 1980s, Yves St. Laurent decorated his New York showroom with a set of Egyptian Revival chairs and sofas exactly like our chair. The opulent rooms were featured in a decorating magazine, Egyptian became the rage and the chair's value went into the thousands. Years later we sent the chair to be re-covered and it was destroyed in a fire at the upholstery shop. Insurance paid us, but we lost that chair. And today it would be worth $35,000. Sometimes great buys are a matter of luck.


Eero Aarnio Bright Red "Pastil" Chairs from 1967 – Kim

Eero Aarnio Bright Red "Pastil" Chairs from 1967

Our colorful furniture made an impression on a houseguest who had a job at a local university. A short time later, he noticed that the university was throwing out a bunch of chairs that matched our furniture. He called us and we checked out what was being dumped. It turned out to be lots of Eero Aarnio bright red "pastil" chairs that dated from 1967. They used to sit in the student activity center and had seen significant use. School officials were happy to let us cart away as many as we wanted because it saved them the dumpster fee. In appreciation, we sent a donation to the university. A mint condition chair today is worth $1,200.


Rookwood Vase vs. Pesce Vase

Rookwood vase – Terry

Rookwood vase
We bought Rookwood to use as flower vases. It was not considered art. And we learned a lot about Rookwood marks. At an Ohio shop, we saw a tall shaded tan vase decorated with birds and tall grass. The dealer wanted $10 for it. "It is low-priced," she said, "because it is marked 'Rookwood, 1885, ARV" and everyone knows the mark is two R's back-to-back with flames indicating the years." We didn't explain that she was wrong. The earliest Rookwood was marked with the company's name. The flame mark started in 1886. The vase is pictured in Kovels' American Art Pottery, and even helped inspire the book. Sometimes great buys happen because you know more than the seller.



 Pesce vase – Kim

Pesce vase


We first ran across the work of Gaetano Pesce 18 years ago. We ended up meeting Mr. Pesce and visiting his studio, where he displayed numerous "fish" design pieces. We bought a couple of the resin pieces and use them for flower arrangements. As a longtime fan and friend of Gaetano Pesce, it's fun to acquire pieces directly from the artist. This resin piece fits in anywhere. It originally cost around $110 but now it sells for $750.


Sheraton Sideboard vs. Organic 50's Shelves

Sheraton Sideboard – Terry

Sheraton SideboardOur house originally had an L-shaped living room instead of a living room and separate dining room. The dining L was furnished with a table and chairs, leaving space for the perfect antique Sheraton sideboard we envisioned. The space was empty for five years. We stopped at a house sale while traveling about three hours from home. There it was, our perfect antique sideboard tagged $100. Then we realized it wouldn't fit in the car to go home. That's the problem with big items, but you can always find someone with a truck who will deliver for a fee. We talked to the buyers loading their trucks and found one from our town. The sideboard was delivered to the dining L and stayed there until we remodeled the house. There was no longer space for it in the dining room, but like every collector we found a place for it. It is now in our front hall and is worth about 20 times the purchase price. Sometimes you get a great buy because you keep searching for it.



Organic 50's Shelves – Kim

Organic 50's ShelvesMy husband and I had just moved to Miami and were sure our home team, the Cleveland Browns, would be in the Super Bowl to be held in Miami that year. So we bought Miami Dolphins season tickets thinking that would assure us seats to the Super Bowl. Well, the Browns didn't make it. But we were were lucky enough to get Super Bowl tickets via the Dolphins lottery. As the game approached, we were at an antiques show and saw these shelves. They were beyond our budget. We went home that night and decided to see if we could trade the tickets for the shelves. The dealer was happy to accept our offer. So these are our "Super Bowl" shelves. We are still trying to find out who made them, but no matter the value we have gotten years of enjoyment.


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