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  • Wedgwood Peoney Plate

    This plate is an authentic old piece of Wedgwood’s Peoney transferware pattern in brown. The original Peoney pattern was first made in the first decade of the 1810s.






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  • Repro Warnings

    Read the descriptions carefully when ordering collectibles and antiques from giftware catalogs. Usually the item they are selling is a new exact copy of an antique, plentiful, and perhaps even a little different from the old one.






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  • Staffordshire Figurines

    English pottery figures made in Staffordshire for almost 300 years were hot collectibles from the 1970s to ʼ90s. The most popular Staffordshire figurines are dogs and important historical people. We have gathered useful information to help decode whether a piece is real.







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  • Repro Capitol Pale Lager Beer sign
    Beer Signs

    Active collectors are the first to realize a bargain-priced sign is “too good to be true.” In the 1980s, hundreds of embossed tin signs—some copies and some “fantasies”—were made and sold to gift shops and restaurants as part of a decorating fad.






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  • Folk Art

    Folk art is created by people who aren’t trained artists. Some think that folk art, like antiques, must be old, but the work now refers to amateur art, both antique and vintage. Which is the newer rabbit? And which is more valuable?







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  • Perfume Bottles

    Fake perfume bottles, both old and new brands, are a major problem on the Internet. They are sometimes, knowingly or unknowingly, offered in online auctions alongside authentic perfume bottles.







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  • Repro roly-poly tin
    Roly Poly Tobacco Tins

    In the early 1900s, Roly Poly tobacco tins, named for their bulbous shape, were used by the American Tobacco Company to hold approximately a pound of tobacco. In the 1980s, Bristol Ware released affordable adaptations.







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