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Know Your Antiques
  • Higgins fused glass sculpture
    Frances and Michael Higgins Fused Glass

    Frances and Michael Higgins both went to art school, taught art and created art before they met at the Chicago Institute of Design. They were married in 1948. The couple decided to open their own studio to make fused glass...

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  • Folk art mirror
    Folk Art Mirror

    Folk art is unique and is often both useful and humorous. At a Cowan’s auction in late 2012, an example of these traits was seen in a mirror offered for sale. The 19th-century mirror’s pine frame was carved to look like a man...

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  • Weller garden figurine - Pan with rabbit
    Weller Garden Figurine

    Don’t forget to look in the backyard when you go to a yard or house sale. If the house is old, you may spot a concrete birdbath, an iron garden gnome, old tools hanging on a fence or even a log cabin playhouse...

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  • Peg wooden peddler doll
    Carved "Peg Wooden" Doll

    Wooden dolls date back centuries. The earliest were crude carved pieces of wood shaped like a human figure. But today it’s rare to find a doll made before the 1600s, when English and German draftsmen skillfully carved wooden lifelike dolls...

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  • Toy tin double-decker bus
    Toy Double-Decker Bus

    Children like to play with toys that are replicas of things used in everyday life. They also like toys that move and make noise, so for centuries toymakers have created transportation toys.

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  • Lover's eye pin
    Lover's Eye Brooch

    Unfaithful spouses have been around since the beginning of time, and they’ve always been a source of gossip. Today there are all sorts of electronic ways to spread gossip, but an earlier method that’s very difficult for us to understand is 18th-century “lover’s eye” jewelry.

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  • Tobacco tin with image of George Washington
    Tobacco Tin with George Washington's Face

    It would not be in good taste or even legal to use a picture of the president of the United States as part of a product’s package design or advertisement. Most states have laws that prohibit the unapproved use of a person’s name or likeness for “commercial benefit.” This was not a concern when George Washington was president.

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  • Folk art lamp
    Folk Art Lamp

    “Folk art” is the confusing name given to some things made by untrained artists. From the 1930s into the ’50s, antique collectors might have called these pieces “primitive” or named them for a region, like “Pennsylvania German style." Today folk art includes not only informal handmade items, but also commercial pieces like iron doorstops, carousel horses, store signs, weathervanes and some toys.

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  • Roseville vase
    Roseville Pottery Vase

    Roseville Pottery was founded in Roseville, Ohio, in 1890. A second Roseville plant opened in nearby Zanesville in 1898. Early Roseville pieces were decorated with handwork, including sgraffito designs.

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