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Know Your Antiques
  • Royere lounge chair
    Royere Lounge Chair

    A chair has four legs, a seat, a back and perhaps arms—or at least that was the rule for hundreds of years. Ever stop to think about chairs?

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  • Sevres-style vase
    Sevres Porcelain

    French porcelain has been popular since the 18th century, and large urns still sell quickly. Sevres porcelain is the best-known, but there were many other designers and factories.

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  • Lamp with Loetz glass shade
    Lamp with Loetz Glass Shade

    The Loetz glass factory made art glass. At around the turn of the 20th century, workers there designed a figural lamp with a bronze base shaped like a woman holding an iridescent gold glass shade above her head. This lamp sold this spring for $3,75.

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  • Silver honey pot
    Honey Pot

    Honey has a history going back to 2100 B.C. It is mentioned in some Babylonian writings. In the 18th and 19th centuries, a special serving dish and usually a special serving fork or spoon were devoted to each type of food, so it’s not surprising to find special antique honey pots.

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  • Cobalt blue mineral water bottle
    Cobalt Blue Bottles

    A window shelf that holds a collection of cobalt blue bottles attracts attention, so many new collectors buy their bottles by color.

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  • Stevens & Williams Pompeiian Swirl vase

    Most people have heard about the bout of “Tulipmania” that spread through the Netherlands in the 17th century, but few know about “Pteridomania,” or fern madness. In the 19th century, ferns were part of a popular health regimen.

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  • Safety pin lamp - Yonel Lebovici
    Yonel Lebovici Safety Pin Lamp

    A 7 1/2-foot-high safety pin that looks like a modern sculpture is actually a floor lamp made in 1975 by the modern artist Yonel Lebovici (1937-1998). In the 1960s, he started making very unusual lamps and other items inspired by everyday objects.

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