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Know Your Antiques
  • Skittles Game
    Children's Skittle Set Games

    Antique games of all sorts interest collectors. Several 2013 auctions offered containers shaped like chickens, frogs or even vegetables that held nine related small figural “pins.”




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  • "Arizona" side table
    Almost-New Design

    Collectors and collections are getting younger. So the old 1950s favorite, Chippendale furniture, has now been replaced by 1950s Eames pieces. Many auction galleries are holding special auctions that feature furniture, glass, pottery, jewelry and even toys made after 1950.




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  • Badge honoring President Abraham Lincoln
    Presidents' Day

    Presidents’ Day this year is Feb. 17.  While there are virtually no souvenirs of Presidents’ Day, there are many pictures, pieces of pottery, textiles, pieces of furniture, medals, coins, signs and other advertising, sheet music, toys and much more to collect.





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  • Valentine, 1920s

    The history of valentines can be traced back to St. Valentine, who died a martyr. Now skip forward to the modern holiday.





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  • Cadette Borated Baby Talc tin
    Talcum Powder Tin

    Hunting for treasures seems to be an inborn trait. Perhaps it’s from the need of the caveman to search, find food and store some for later use. For centuries the very rich surrounded themselves with expensive art and artifacts to impress each other and “the peasants.”




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  • Federal work table
    Federal Work Table

    Sewing was as important as cooking in centuries past. The most valuable things in an 18th-century American home were linens, bedcovers and drapes.





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  • Meissen cane handle
    Cane Handle

    Canes were used not only to aid in walking, but also as part of European and American fashionable dress in the 18th and 19th centuries. Many canes had an extra function, too.





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