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Dictionary of Marks
  • Costume Jewelry

    Costume jewelry is a popular collectible. Here are marks used by some costume jewelry makers. Dates shown are the years the company was in business.






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  • Taylor Chair Company

    The Taylor Chair Company was in business in Bedford, Ohio, and was run by the same family for over 90 years. Here are some of the marks found on Taylor chairs.








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  • Metalworkers

    Arts & Crafts metalsmiths worked in copper, brass, bronze, silver, and aluminum. Here are marks of some the makers who worked in the U.S.






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  • Coverlets

    The corner blocks of the coverlets often contain the maker’s name or trademark, the place it was made, the year, and the name of the person the coverlet was made for. Corner blocks are in the bottom right corner of the coverlet. Here are some maker’s corner blocks.






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  • Stickley Furniture

    The five Stickley brothers worked at their uncle’s furniture factory in Brandt, Pennsylvania, in the 1870s. Later they founded their own furniture companies, working in various partnerships. Marks shown were used by some of the Stickley companies.






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  • Conjoined Marks

    Marks including two or more entwined letters can be hard to identify. The entwined marks shown here were used by German porcelain manufacturers.







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  • American Silver

    Sterling silver became readily available after the Comstock silver lode was discovered in Virginia City, Nev., in 1859. Hundreds of silver flatware patterns were made by American manufacturers in the late 19th and 20th centuries. Here are some popular makers.






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  • Antique Doll Marks

    Dolls have been made for over 4,000 years and are among the oldest toys known. Look for marks on the doll’s head, near the back of the neck, on the shoulder plate, the back or the foot. Here are marks of some makers of antique dolls.


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  • Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

    Oscar Mayer traces its beginning to 1883, when Oscar F. Mayer (1859–1955) opened a butcher shop in Chicago. The changing look of the Wienermobile helps date the advertising.






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