Reader Merry Shugart wrote: “It was brought to my attention that this unicorn fur clip appears in your 2016 price guide [page 316]. It actually belonged to me. I bought it online early in 2014, and sold it at a Rago auction in December 2014. It was sold to me as costume jewelry. There was some enamel damage and two missing rhinestones. I collect and sell costume jewelry and bought this piece for myself. I looked at the settings and thought that’s not how you set a rhinestone, so I took out my diamond tester and found the rhinestones were diamonds!

“After I got up off the floor, I took it to my jeweler who verified that it was 18K gold with diamonds, rubies and sapphires. I had the missing stones replaced and Rago had the enamel repaired. The UK seller told me that she had bought it at a thrift shop. My theory is that since it was only marked “DEPOSE” and was so huge, everyone assumed it was costume, not fine jewelry. I also just found out that it was resold at auction two weeks ago for $7,000. I hope it has found its forever home. It was magnificent and I wish I could have kept it. Thank you for including it in your book. It makes me so happy that you, too, appreciate its beauty.”

Unicorn pin, white gold, diamonds

UNICORN FUR CLIP, sold in December 2014, 3 1/2 inches, $5,625.


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