Reader C.W. writes with a request:

“Please help me persuade the owners or managers of all thrift stores and thrift store chains – Goodwill, Salvation Army, Savers etc. – to instruct their workers that they should NEVER use a price tag to cover the mark on the bottom of a piece of china, glassware, etc. This drives me nuts! and I am not alone, because I’ve discussed this with many other frustrated shoppers. You’d think the managers would eventually get the point, seeing how many times shoppers try to peel off those price tags to get a look at the marks, but it doesn’t seem to bother anybody except those of us who are shopping and who are entitled to try able to identify and fully inspect anything we might buy. You are in a position to get this point across better than I’ve been able to. I have spoken to thrift store managers time and time again, demonstrating my point by showing them the half-wrecked price tags, but it keeps happening. Please use your good influence on behalf of all of us who shop for goodies. Thank you so much!”

Good advice. And we add, please don’t use a price sticker to cover up a chip or blemish.

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