From R.D. (edited): I was happy to see the article on hatpins from the Mike Clum auction in the January 2018 newsletter. The hatpin you featured on the front page, leaves and purple disk, is a newly made Czech fake. I have collected for 35 years, have been a member of both collecting clubs and both hatpin discussion boards. Fake and fantasy hatpins are getting much better these days. Clum’s should not be faulted as they are not hatpin experts but do an outstanding job of auctioning hatpins and holders. Thank-you for writing about hatpins and we collectors hope you will continue to publish information on them. We do enjoy the information on other antiques in the newsletter, too!

Thanks for writing. We did mention fantasy hatpins in the copy with the picture on the front page, but we didn’t say that the pictured hatpin was a fantasy and we did not know it was an old Czech fake. Clum’s had it identified as a fake in the auction catalog. We are glad that you enjoy the newsletter! We like sharing the latest collecting trends, prices, and the best places collectors can go to learn more or meet those with similar interests.

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