A drug trafficker who is also a collector? Hey, it’s possible. Police in the city of Guadassuar, Valencia, in Spain recently raided a house that was a suspected drug trafficking base and uncovered a ceramics collection with some pieces dating from the 12th century through the 18th century. Some even dated to the Roman era. Objects found included tiles, pots and bowls, with some listed as “priceless” by experts. A 68-year-old man was arrested for “crimes against historical heritage,” in addition to charges of drug trafficking and illegal possession of weapons. Sweetening the arrest, police also found 13 stolen beehives.

The ceramics have been turned over to the Municipal Museum of Alzira for examination and classification.

Hey, everyone has different collector interests, right? Drugs, ceramics, bees …


ceramics and artifacts found in spain

Photo: Guardia Civil Mo Interior, Spain (ZENGER; Newsweek)


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  1. had2haveit says:

    I’d like to know where these priceless and fragile pieces of history were being housed prior to the theft and how the thief managed to liberate them from that facility. I assume not all of the items shown came from the crime site but it sounds like he managed to steal quite a few ancient pottery pieces. I shudder just looking at those pieces piled one on top of the other with no protective covering, no climate control just sitting on some shelves in what looks to be the fellows basement or rec-room. I’m so glad to know these will be heading to a museum where hopefully they can be viewed and appreciated by the general population. This article intrigues me as my husband is a former forensic police officer and my youngest daughter works in both areas of heritage and as a museum curator so this is a win win interest article for me. Now about those beehives !! LOL

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