New Zealand resident Katey Pittwood had renovation on her mind when she walked into a bedroom in the home she had just purchased in New Plymouth. What she found when she started removing plasterboard made her yell so loudly her partner Steve came at a gallop.

Pittwood had uncovered  a ceiling and walls covered end-to-end in posters of the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, the Kinks, the Animals, the Seekers and other top 1960s rock ‘n’ roll bands. The posters were primarily from two top teen magazines at the time, the Fab and Boyfriend.

While Pittwood would love to find the original owner of the posters, she is more concerned with how to remove them intact (and finish her renovation). They are glued to original wallpaper, which is glued to building felt that’s nailed into the walls. “I think we could probably cut it off in big panels,” she said.

She believes the paneling was put there to save the posters.

If the original owner cannot be found, Pittwood will still save the posters, and possibly donate them to the Puke Ariki Museum, also located in New Plymouth.

Photo: RNZ / Robin Martin