Important one-of-a-kind sports collectibles have always sold for high prices. But on December 10, 2018, Goldin Auctions set a new record for a Heisman trophy when one sold for $435,762. One recipient’s family had to sell his trophy because they needed money. Another record-setting owner sold the trophy to give the money to charity. In 1999, O. J. Simpson sold his 1968 trophy for the then-record high price of $255,000. The same year, Larry Kelly sold his 1936 trophy for even more, $328,000. It took six more years (2005) before another trophy, the one awarded to Bruce P. Smith, broke the record at $395,240. Next, in 2014, was Rashaan Salaam’s 1994 trophy. It brought a record $399,608 that he gave to charity. The new record holder’s trophy belonged to Tim Brown who was awarded the trophy in 1987 when he played football for Notre Dame.