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Take a good look at the paintings you own but can't identify. Fortunes are being found these days. In Italy a Paul Gauguin painting and a Pierre Bonnard self-portrait hanging in a kitchen for 40 years were identified as stolen from a London residence in 1970. A retired Italian factory worker, owner of the paintings, bought them 40 years ago at an auction of items abandoned on a train. He said he is happy to have had the pleasure of living with them and was "proud" of his taste in art. Authorities are checking to see if he bought the paintings in good faith. The artworks will probably be sold.

Pierre Bonnard self-portrait



#4 The Blame Gamerubypie 2014-04-10 17:51
Would be interesting to know the real story of how these treasures ended up where they did. As for blaming the Germans...don't know about that. Not all art was owned by Jews. A pretty good job has been done over the years in identifying what was and was not stolen by Nazis. Not all has been found, but to say every piece of stolen art has Nazi fingerprints on it..I don't think so. We have always had a healthy active group of art thieves from Bagdad to Boston with not a Nazi among them.
#3 BigotsAusDave 2014-04-10 13:03
wendylyn66 that happened over 1/2 a century ago. Move on, probably half of "The Germans" were not even born.

We could easily all make bigoted comments about "The Americans" but we don't all live in the past like you.

Sure a minority of German people committed atrocities, but so have some Americans. We don't think you are all the same, don't tarnish all of "The Germans" this way.
Think before you write if you are capable of that.
#2 kovels123wendylyn66 2014-04-09 21:52
many of these paintings were stolen from Jews during world war 2. They will probably never be retuned. What a shame on the Germans .
#1 Stolen items sold?charles116 2014-04-09 21:17
Shouldn't the rightful owner or their heirs be located? How can one just sell such valuable stolen property?

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