Seven generations of the MacNevin family have operated a farm in Prince Edward Island in Canada. In 1964, farms in the region were given signs to commemorate their status as century farms. The MacNevin family wasn’t sure how, but over the years their sign was lost. Now, the family’s part of history has been returned, thanks to luck, the internet and a generous antiques store owner. Judy MacNevin, whose son is the seventh generation working the farm, said she always kept her eye out for the sign. The last week of August, a friend saw a Facebook post featuring the sign and tagged her. The sign was at Read’s Corner Antique shop in the city of Summerside, also in Prince Edward Island. MacNevin messaged store owner Janice Holz, who had bought the century farm sign at a house sale. When Holz heard the story, she immediately gave it to the family as a gift. The MacNevins plan on hanging the sign on their garage. 

century farm sign, missing then found and returned

Photo: Read’s Corner Antiques


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  1. Hookman says:

    This is very interesting. I’m assuming that the majority of the sign was probably machine printed, but I’m just as certain that the name Hector MacNevin was hand lettered. When I look closely I can see the very thin, almost invisible guide lines used by the artist to paint the name on.
    As I said, very interesting. Congratulations to your family for the longevity of the family farm.

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