It doesn’t roll off the tongue like Cracker Jack, but say hello to … Cracker Jill. Frito-Lay North America, to help celebrate women who break sports’ barriers, has introduced a female version of its iconic 125-year-old Cracker Jack. As the 2022 baseball season kicks off, a sports-related female version of good ol’ Jack will be on a series of five different special-edition snack bags available at professional ballparks across the country. Cost is a $5 donation or more to the Women’s Sports Foundation. Will the snack bags (unopened, of course) be collectible? Usually, special edition pieces made in bulk are not worth a lot on the collectibles market … unless, of course, there are misprints or very limited production. But they are fun. And Cracker Jill is for a special cause. To increase the impact, Frito-Lay is donating $200,000 to the foundation, a non-profit that researches, advocates and supports program to help girls and women reach their potential. To get the snack bag with the Jills without going to a game (“Take Me Out To The Ballpark!”!), donate here, and a Cracker Jill snack bag will randomly be sent out, while supplies last.

cracker jill cracker jacks female sports package


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