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Beware! You may not be able to buy or sell anything of any age that is made totally or partially of ivory -- everything from a piano to a button. All import and export of ivory from African elephants except for "bona fide antiques" was banned by Executive Order from President Obama on Feb. 11, 2014. Auctioneers, collectors, dealers, artists, musicians, museums, and others are concerned. We checked Kovel's online price guide and found many pieces that can no longer be bought or sold because at least part of the object is made of ivory. There are several existing laws impacted by this ivory ban, which will be carried out by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

There's still time to contact your U.S. Senator, Representative or the Fish & Wildlife Service to make your thoughts known. For links to more detailed information, see Kovels.com Latest News.



#1 Beyond StupidSkydiver 2014-06-08 00:43
There is stupid, and there is beyond stupid. These proposals are a prime example of the latter. Didn’t the government learn anything from probation? The fastest way to develop or increase demand is to ban something!
The existing regulation is adequate, and probably at the optimal point of effectiveness that banning can obtain without negating the desired effect.
Should this insanity be allowed, how will I ever be able to repair the keyboard on Grannie’s Steinway, purchase the mate to great grandfather’s cufflinks, complete my ancient Chinese carving collection, or donate my 19th century chess set? Maybe it’s high time we take the grips off Patton’s pistols and go hunting imbecilic government regulation!!

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