Many, especially those who live alone, hide small valuables in strange places. While appraising estates, we have found jewelry and money in back of a picture on the wall, inside a special food can or stitched into the hem of drapes. Danny Johnson, who regularly drove an elderly neighbor to the store, helped out-of-town relatives empty the storage container after his friend died. The relatives took the valuables and asked Johnson to get rid of or keep the rest. He took an antique sewing machine, a china cabinet and a small antique cherry table to a consignment shop to sell. When he picked up the table, he turned it upside down and heard a clunk. He stood it up and heard another clunk, so he pulled out the empty drawer to investigate. Taped behind the drawer was a paper bag that held a coin. He learned it was an 1854 Arrows Liberty Seated Quarter, one of only about a dozen known. It was minted for only two years and is listed in price books at over $17,000. Johnson is very glad he turned the table over to search for whatever made the noise. He hasn’t decided if he should sell his coin.