The general manager of the Hilton Netherland Plaza in Cincinnati was looking at old pictures of the hotel and saw a decorative Art Deco metalwork in the shape of a fountain that he had not noticed in any of the rooms. It looked like a small owl surrounded by sprays of water attached to a wooden wall in the Julep room. He recognized the room – it was on the third floor of the hotel and had been a wedding chapel that was turned into a cocktail lounge at the end of Prohibition. He went into the Julep room and found a way to look behind the drywall that was covering the wood framing. A maintenance crew took down the dry wall, found wallpaper covering the wooden wall and metalwork, and stripped it off. Hotel records mentioned a remodel to a more modern look in the 1960s and a major two-year renovation in the 1980s that returned much of the original 1930s look. Research suggests that the Art Deco metalwork may be German silver. It is being completely restored and there may be more of the trim to be discovered in the room.