There are still ancient treasures to be discovered out there. In Sweden, archeologists recently have uncovered a treasure trove of 1,000-year-old silver objects, including coins and jewelry. The neck rings, arm rings and coins were sitting safely stored in a ceramic pot underneath the floor of a building in a “Viking Age settlement,” according to the Archaeologists at the National Historical Museums in Sweden.

The items were called “extremely rare” and were in great shape, according to the scientists. Items found included a ring, two pearls, 12 coin pendants, and coins from countries such as England, Bohemia and Bavaria. One of the coins is believed to have been made in Rouen, in Normandy, France, around 10th century A.D.

viking jewelry coins silver found in Switzerland



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    There’s a wee bit of difference between 2,000 and 1,000 year old objects.

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