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Q: Is Sabin China valuable? I have six dinner plates, salad plates, and cups and saucers and a serving bowl decorated with a picture of George & Martha Washington dancing and a man playing a flute in the background. The bottom is marked “S” inside a painter’s pallet and says “Warranted 22K.” There are no chips or cracks and the gold border pattern is still in good condition. Can you tell me where and when they were made and what their value may be?


A: Sabin China Co. was founded in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, by Sam Sabin and his brother-in-law, Leonard Berkowitz, in 1939. The company was sold to Mount Clemens Pottery of Mount Clemens, Mich., in 1967. Production ended in 1987. This is an unnamed pattern. The couple dancing, dressed in Colonial clothing, in a romantic setting are unidentified and not meant to represent George and Martha Washington. Retail prices online: plate, $10; cup and saucer, $18.

sabin china company pottery plate with dancing colonial couple



#3 Harker pottery Godey dinnerwareboop50 2019-05-16 09:45
Hello I just read yesterday’s comment on the “George Washington “ plates.my parents have similar ones made from harker pottery. In researching on eBay I’ve found them. They are the Godey design with beautiful 22k rims. Could you tell me if they have any value. They’re in beautiful condition. If you need a picture I’ll send it to you. Thank you. Love reading your column!
#2 Saban chinaRosemarie44d 2019-05-15 21:02
In 1954, my parents bought both of my grandmothers a complete set of this china with the dancing couple. In 1963, my paternal grandmother gave me her unused set. We used it for Thanksgiving and Christmas for many years, and I accumulated odd pieces with the same center design, so the children could also share the dishes, without me worring about them breaking one of the origingal.This year in florida, Ifound matching plates, priced at $22. each.
Thank you, Rosemarie44d
#1 RE: Sabin Platecverma5 2019-05-15 16:32
I have a large cake platter and six saucers including a cake server. These are marked only with the word "warranted" 22K. We these also produced by the Saban China Co. ? Any value?

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