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Q: I’m constantly finding sea glass and pottery on the beach of the old port city, Akko in Israel. I suppose they came from the times of the British mandate in Israel or even before. Some pieces are very beautiful and some even have the partial stamp on it. I’m very curious to know the origin and what they looked like when complete.


A: The shard with the birds flying near a tree and the shard with part of a fence are from a pattern called “Ye Olde Willow” or “Ye Olde Willow Blue.” The design is based on a Chinese love story and includes the lovers being chased by the woman’s father, birds representing the lovers after death, willow trees, a fence and a bridge. Willow pattern dishes have been made in Staffordshire, England, since 1789. Variations have been made by companies in many countries since then and are still being made. Here is a picture of the Willow pattern.


pottery shards from israel ye olde willow blue pattern



#2 BottlesJazzy40 2019-07-04 23:25
I have a bottle of Acid Carbolic Liquid Merck. I found under my house. It still has the liquid in it, I'm very interested to know what it's worth. The active ingredient is liquefied Phenol.
#1 Pottery ShardsJazzy40 2019-07-04 23:21
I have one of those plates. My grandfather had a set when I was little. I think there very pretty

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