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Q: My siblings and I have inherited a large set of Meito China dishes from my parents and I need to determine whether to sell the set and distribute the proceeds or just give the dishes to those who want them. The Meito China mark on the dishes also includes the words "Ivory China." I've tried looking online, but without knowing the name of the pattern I found it impossible to find similar china to get an approximation of value. What do you suggest I do to find the value (and possibly a buyer)? What kind of dealer or online resource do you suggest? This set is probably from the 1980s. There are nine place settings.

A: Meito China looks similar to china made by Noritake. It was made by Nagoya Seito, a company founded in 1911 by Kotero Asukai, who had worked at Noritake. The company is still in business, now operating as Narumi. "Ivory China" is evidently a line of china that included many different patterns, so it can be difficult to find the pattern name. You can try searching the patterns pictured at Replacements.com. Click on the maker (Meito) and then on the pattern names to see a picture of each pattern. Sets of china can be hard to sell. Even large sets of Ivory China made by Meito usually sell for under $100.

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#1 Hope it finds a loving home...Tobi97060 2013-10-09 21:29
If someone in the family really wants it, I say, let them have it. It's pretty but also very old-fashioned.

In my community we have something called Community Warehouse where people can donate household goods and furniture for tax write-off value and others can get what they need. One of our large Eastern European families would flip if they "inherited" this set.

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