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annemarie davidson enamel on copper plates

The Story Behind the Auction of Ralph and Terry’s Enamels

Have you seen many of the gorgeous enamels that are getting harder and harder to find? Ralph and I received our first enamels as wedding gifts in the 1950s. As a result, we became curious about the artists and the simply beautiful, handmade techniques that were almost forgotten. Ironically, Cleveland (our hometown) was the epicenter of the enameling art world, so we were so fortunate to find incredible pieces right here. 


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advertising button, alpen brau beer, 1916 boston red sox

Button, Button … Vintage, Pinback Buttons  

Early and mid-20th century pinback message buttons attracted high prices in the auction of a recent single collection. The sale had advertising, political and sports buttons, including this celluloid advertising button with 24 Boston Red Sox players.

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