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Coffee mugs don’t attract much attention from collectors. There are no published mug price guides or large collectors’ clubs for mug aficionados. That creates an opportunity—old mugs often can be found for just $1 or so at thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales, but some can be worth quite a bit of money.

Check your cabinet for these valuable coffee mugs:

1.  Starbucks mugs. The well-known coffee chain sometimes sells mugs linked to particular cities or regions. These local Starbucks mugs have become collectible, and the rarest examples can fetch $100s. Example: 2009 Puerto Vallarta mug with a picture of a seahorse, $1,350.

2.  Out-of-production Disney mugs. Anything Disney is likely to be collectible, though old and rare items tend to be worth the most. Example: Set of six mugs, black, each with a Disney villain, $175.

3.  Non-Disney cartoon mugs. Out-of-production Looney Toons and Peanuts’ Snoopy mugs often have value, as do some mugs from less well-known cartoons. Examples: Set of four glass mugs with Snoopy in election-themed drawings, 1980s, $50 to $90.

4.  Superhero mugs. Anything featuring a comic book superhero has a decent chance of being collectible. Famous superheroes such as Superman and Batman are good bets, but mugs featuring less popular characters sometimes are rarer and even more valuable. Example: Pair of Warner Bros. Studio Store mugs with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, two of Batman’s comic book adversaries, $140.

5.  TV show mugs or mugs with movies from 1980s or earlier. There are many Hollywood memorabilia collectors, so mugs tied to popular actors and productions can have value. Example: Mug with picture of Lucille Ball from I Love Lucy, 1950s, $350.

6.  World’s Fair mugs. There are collectors who buy items from old World’s Fairs. Example: Mug, 1933 Chicago World’s Fair, Electrical Building, $108.

7.  Tiki mugs. These mugs were made to serve tropical drinks like Mai Tais. Vintage examples sold by Pacific Island-themed restaurants such as Trader Vic’s now have value. Example: Tiki mug from “Tiki Bob’s San Francisco,” $405.

This is an excerpt from a Bottom Line/Personal article by Terry Kovel. For the full article and more prices, see http://bottomlineinc.com/your-coffee-mug-could-be-worth-1000/.

Terry Kovel is a frequent contributor to the publication Bottom Line/Personal, writing about collecting trends, and helping readers find great buys.




#7 Irish MugsBreetx210 2018-05-13 12:53
I have a set of tall "Irish Coffee" mugs. There white glass, tall with green lettering and gold trim. Trying to find value.
#6 Jujyfruits mugjbellom08 2018-03-17 01:17
I gave my daughter a Heide Jujyfruits mug when she was really young and she still has it. Can anyone tell me how much mug is worth now? I have other older mugs that I will mention at another time.
#5 a courtyard in delftDanny77 2016-06-12 23:40
Hi there! I have an original print, issued from the Queens private collection. Its titled "a courtyard in delft" in the evening. (2 ladies in a Cory yard. One of them is weaving.
I have tried to find its value, but it doesn't seem to come up! Can u help please.
Danny. :)
#4 brass flat jeffersondebrawilder 2016-06-10 16:44
hi, I have this brass silhouette of president jefferson, I haven't been able to find it on line anywhere, it bigger then the size of a ladies hand and wider then a hand ,from what i can get from the back of it ,it looks like it was hand made back in his time it has a loop on top to hang ,I know this sounds strange but i think paul revere could had made it it has a very old hole stamp on it this is a really heavy piece i tested it and it is gold dipped in it lol, probably any info would be nice can send pics if you like ,
#3 Mrs.jrhodesyankfan 2016-06-09 19:38
Are older Dunkin Donut mugs worth any thing?
#2 Stealth B-2 bomber mugNoseyposey 2016-06-09 09:58
My son worked at Northrop in 1988 and 1989. He has mugs with B-2 First Flight from Palmdale to Edwards AFB California, July 17, 1989. He also has beautiful pictures, tapes, and a very nice leather jacket. Would these items be valuable today?
#1 Java MugsTrillian 2016-06-08 20:21
I was a member of the documentation team for the first Sun Microsystems Java Project. As with most Silicon Valley companies, Sun issued several commemorative mugs, and I have two. Could these eventually be considred collectible?

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