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Last week we gave you 10 tips on what to do first after a flood.  Here are a couple of readers' questions on saving their water/flood damaged items.

Q: I live in the Houston area and we’re in varying stages of recovery right now. Why can’t we dry our furniture in the sun?

Don’t dry your furniture in the sun as it may dry too fast and crack the wood.

Q: Is it possible to salvage sports cards or other valuable papers that were in a flood?

A: Don’t try to separate cards or wet paper. It’s better to freeze them first so you can treat them slowly.

Make sure to wear gloves and a mask if working with moldy or contaminated water damaged cards or paper. Once ready to start work, remove the cards from their holders, if they are in plastic slot notebooks, separate them out so they can dry.  To dry, put them between white paper and weigh them down so they don’t curl.  Place them on an uneven surface so the cards have a little air space while drying.  Most likely the cards will end up spotted or curled and their value will be less.  If your insurance covers collectibles, you can take this loss. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to salvage flood damaged cards or paper.

If the cards are sealed and still dry then just wipe off the outside.

For more detailed information on other topics see our FREE PDF on how to rescue your collections.




#1 RE: Water-Damaged Sports CollectiblesBBvintage 2017-09-17 03:40
Would not suggest freezing it could cause more bleeding of the ink when defrosted. From personal experience and being a midigation & restoration specialist... I would suggest firstly placing paper or cards between paper or cheesecloth to create the air pockets to properly dry, with a heavy flat object to prevent curling like suggested. Second step if have a dehumidifier even a small one, place in a dry smaller room like a closet on a shelf with your barrier and heavy object on it, turn on dehu and shut door sealing room best as possible for at least a 1/2-full day. It will dry out the paper or cards slowly. If any debris is still on the items after drying, wipe carefully with the cheesecloth so not too abbreasive or if have access to a dry chem sponge(not a normal household item).

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