Vintage Halloween Decorations are Popular with Collectors


Vintage Halloween decorations are best sellers today. They are second only to Christmas when it comes to holiday collectibles. Most masks, costumes, trick-or-treat bags, party decorations, and crepe-paper table centerpieces are inexpensive. Three-dimensional items like candy containers and jack-o’-lanterns sell for higher prices.

The decorations here sold at a Rich Penn auction in Iowa. The two-sided papier-mâché jack-o’-lantern is 7 inches high. There are paper inserts for the eyes and mouth. Put a battery-operated light inside for a spookier effect. It sold with a smaller papier-mâché jack-o’-lantern for $210. The 1935 devil lantern is cardboard with tissue paper inserts. It’s 7 3/4 inches high, price, $120. The 8-inch witch riding on the black cat is a candy container. Her composition head is on a stick body; the cat is felt-covered papier-mâché. It sold for $780. Halloween is more fun with decorations like these. Happy Halloween!

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