Bring out the blue-ribbon cows! How about some sheep? And of course, let’s put aside any diets and savor fried elephant ears covered in powdered sugar, skinny French fries drenched in ketchup and served in a giant cup, cotton candy and, of course, deep-fried anything. It’s county fair time, that popular All-American tradition. Vintage county fair collectibles are popular decorations. We’ve picked our favorite Top 5 county fair collectibles, found at flea markets and online:

      1. Posters
      2. Advertising Signs
      3. Postcards
      4. Pinback buttons
      5. Matchbook covers

Let us know your favorite county fair treasures! Just post it in the article comments.


rushville illinois schuyler county fair 1883 poster

Poster, 1883 Schuyler County Fair, Rushville, Illinois, paper, lithograph, 61 x 41 in., $908.
Photo: MBA Seattle Auction


vintage pig chowan county edenton north carolina fair sign

Advertising sign, shaped like a pig, Chowan County Fair, Edenton, North Carolina, cardboard, 22 in. h., $38.
Photo: Keystone Auctions LLC


vintage kansas corn county fair 1909 postcard

Postcard picturing giant corn, from a county fair in Kansas, divided back postmarked August 1909, $9.
Photo: Ebay/crowspostcards


pinellas florida county fair 1984 button pin

Pinback button, Pinellas County Fair, Florida, March 12 – 17, 1984, $8.
Photo: Ebay/joeys06777


san luis obispo california county fair match cover 1963

Matchbook cover, San Luis Obispo County Fair, Paso Robles, Calif., August 14 – 18, 1963, $19.
Photo: Ebay/pfgymrat



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  1. antiqueslut says:

    I have some L.A. County Fair memorabilia I got doing research for designing a series of 9 posters for the Fair years ago! Also redesigned their mascot “Thummer” when he was re-introduced in 1989. My original acrylic 30″x18″ Fair art is in a collection somewhere now. Some of the printed posters sell on eBay occasionally.

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