The online price guide is bigger and better! We’ve added more than 20,000 prices and 2,500 color photos of antiques and collectibles to our already comprehensive guide. All this new information will help collectors accurately price collectibles and identify current market trends, making collecting fun and profitable! Need a guide for buying selling, appraising or settling an inheritance? Look no further. Our prices are current, from sales at shops, shows, flea markets, auctions, online sales, dealers and other sources. They are all double-checked for accuracy by Kovels’ experts using their own AccuValue™ system and they range from $1 to $87,500.

The range of objects pictured and listed is fun to explore! Rare treasures include the George Ohr vase with a twisted body, ribbon handles and feather glaze that sold for $87,500, an 1800s architectural English walnut mantel for $3,960, and a marble water closet that brought $3,500. There was even a trunk used for transporting human blood that sold for almost $400, and a 19th century medical prosthetic stump with a leather boot for $403. Smaller, quirky items include a Curious George PEZ candy container for $1 and a 1940s blue, green, red and yellow Akro Agate corkscrew marble for $55.

Other listings reflect increased collector interests, including Pyrex cookware and clothing, glass, ceramics and furniture from the 1950s to 2000, as well toy collections, banks, art pottery and artists’ personal collections. Prices from a few famous bottle collections that were auctioned are included, as well as examples of prices from single collector auctions of dolls, Victorian glass, lamps with leaded glass shades and Tiffany of all types that drew high prices.

Two generations of Kovels edit the content, so Kovels’ online price guide lists pieces made from the 1700s to as recently as 2000. Like the book, Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide, the online price guide is organized into more than 750 categories that represent the top collecting interests. Category descriptions include information on makers, history, age and marks.

Visit our updated online price guide and see for yourself what treasures await collectors!