A display of vintage collectibles decorated with poinsettias provides a pop of color during the holiday season. Many can be found at affordable prices and dated by the color of the bloom.

Postcard, Poinsettias in vase

A 1908 postcard from Ruby Lane, $5.

Tiffany Lamp, Poinsettia shade

Tiffany lamp with Greek urn base and a poinsettia shade, 16 in., $47,200.
Stanton Auctions

Paperweight, Poinsettia

Poinsettia paperweight by the New England Glass Co., 2 3/4 in., $429.
Garth's Auction

Poinsettia doorstop

Cast iron poinsettia doorstop by Judd Co., 10" h., $679. Bertoia Auctions

 Hull Little Red Riding Hood Cookie Jar

Hull Little Red Riding Hood cookie jar,
strange poinsettia decals, 13 in., $1062.
Tom Harris Auctions

Poinsettia Pitcher

Cranberry opalescent glass Poinsettia pitcher, by Northwood Glass Co., made in the late 19th/early 20th century, 13 in., $2,760.
Jeffrey S. Evans & Assoc.

Poinsettia Jackpot Coin-Operated Slot Machine

Coin-operated 5 cent slot machine with poinsettia decoration made by Mills Novelty Co. about 1929, $1,320.
Victorian Casino Antiques

Lady Head Vase

A “Lady Head" vase that held flowers, called “Christmas Poinsettia,” made by Napco., $138.
Replacements Ltd.

Orange Crate Advertising Label

Orange Crate Label from California, used in the 1930s, 10 x 11 in., $16.

Lefton December Birthday Angel Figurine with Poinsettias

December Birthday Angel Figurine by Lefton, holding a box of poinsettias, 5 in., $25.

A Mexican legend tells of a girl who was too poor to provide a gift to Jesus on Christmas Eve, so she brought weeds from the roadside to church, where they blossomed into beautiful crimson flowers. Poinsettias are native to Mexico. They were introduced to the United States in 1825 by Dr. Joel Roberts Poinsett, the first U.S. Minister to Mexico. He planted cuttings at his South Carolina home. Most poinsettias sold worldwide have been produced by the Paul Ecke Ranch of Encinitas, California.

By the 1990s the company had improved poinsettias to be long lasting house plants, resistant to drafts. Plants were grown in many different colors including pink, scarlet and red with white speckles. If your collectible features a poinsettia that is not bright red, it is probably not a modern piece.

 Happy Holidays from Terry Kovel, Kim Kovel and the Staff at Kovels.com!