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  • G.E. Monitor Top Refrigerator
    Kovels.com Item of the Week August 1 2011: Vintage Refrigerator

    It's STILL hot. Wondering how Grandma had a cool drink on a hot afternoon? General Electric introduced the Monitor Top refrigerator in 1927. They cost about $300. Today a Monitor Top can sell for anywhere from $500 to $3,000, depending on condition and a fully restored model can sell for $3,800 or more.             

  • Kovels.com Item of the Week July 26 2011: Vintage Fan

    The entire country is experiencing a heat wave, leaving us wondering how Grandma beat the heat in the 1920s. She likely used an electric desk fan like this. It sold at a recent Skinner auction in Boston for $86.              

  • Teakettle ink bottle
    Kovels.com Item of the Week July 11, 2011: Ink Bottle


    This teakettle ink bottle sold for $560 at a recent American Bottle auction.  Bottles were a favorite 30 years and have been regaining popularity. Bottle collectors often have pet names for their favorites. Ink bottle collectors use nicknames like cones, teakettles, turtles or umbrellas, names that say some something about an ink bottle's shape.                      

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