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The Kovels' Top Twenty list is based on the results of hundreds of thousands of searches that took place on its website during March, 2009. Occupied Japan remains on top, proving Kovels.com is one of the web's most popular sources for Occupied Japan collectibles prices.

New to the Kovels' Top Twenty list this month is Milk Glass. Whether it's mass-produced coffee mugs or fancy hand-decorated jars, collectors were on the hunt for prices and information.

Named for its milky white color, milk glass was first made in England during the 1700s. It was popular in the U.S. by the mid-1800s. Items made of milk glass were made by many glass companies such as Cambridge, Duncan & Miller, Fenton, Fostoria, Hobbs Brockunier, Anchor Hocking, Imperial, Indiana Glass, Jeannette, McKee, Tiffin, U.S. Glass, Vallerysthal, and Westmoreland.

This mug was made in the 1960s by the Federal Glass Co. of Columbus, Ohio, and is offered for sale in an online shop for $5. The covered jar with hand-painted violets and gold beading is part of the Con-Cora line, made in the 1940s by the Consolidated Lamp & Glass Co. of Coraopolis, Pennsylvania and is offered in an online shop for $325.

The complete Top Twenty for March 2009 are:

  1. Occupied Japan
  2. Jewelry
  3. Capo-Di-Monte
  4. Silver Plate
  5. Stove
  6. Furniture
  7. World War II
  8. McCoy
  9. Coca-Cola
  10. Lighter
  11. Lladro
  12. Royal Copley
  13. Milk Glass
  14. Josef Originals
  15. Rosenthal
  16. Planters Peanuts
  17. Coin-Operated Machine
  18. Hutschenreuther
  19. Knife
  20. Pepsi-Cola.

Search for more milk glass prices at Kovels.com.


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