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Blueberry Carnival Glass water set by Fenton

Every month, the Kovels.com Top 10 list indicates the interests of collectors who visit the website. During October 2012, antique enthusiasts were busy researching:

1. Carnival Glass
2. Halloween
3. Mary Gregory
4. Jewelry
5. Occupied Japan
6. Russel Wright
7. Royal Copley
8. Bavaria
9. Coca-Cola
10. Stoves

There are four types of pottery on the Top 10 list, once again showing that pottery and porcelain is always a top collecting category. Four categories are new to the list—Carnival Glass, Halloween, Mary Gregory and Russel Wright.

Carnival glass tops the list, but why the leap to No. 1? There seems to be renewed interest in Carnival Glass—higher prices for rarities, more pieces sold at auction and three major collectors’ clubs. Carnival glass is an iridescent pressed glass made from about 1907 until 1925. "Carnival Glass" is a nickname earned because the glass was given away as prizes at carnival games. Pictured is a Carnival Glass Water Set in the Blueberry pattern by Fenton that sold for $270 at a Jeffrey S. Evans auction.

Halloween collectibles, at No. 2, are becoming more popular and more expensive. So many new types of Halloween-related items are being made—plastic and foam rubber pumpkins, collectible dolls, printed cards, and moving and talking figurines that use new technology. Russel Wright, No. 6, is surging in popularity and new reproductions of his designs are catching the eye of a new generation of collectors.

Jewelry is also on the list this month, at No. 4. Costume, Modernist, Indian and Mexican silver as well as copies of Edwardian and Victorian pieces are bargains when compared to the similar copies offered at department stores.


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