Antiques and collectibles searches on are often due to news of a new trend, an interesting collection, a record price, or an amazing find that sends collectors off to do research. Pottery, porcelain, glass, and metals like silver, pewter, brass and copper are always popular with collectors and frequently searched.

Here are the 10 most searched-for antiques and collectibles categories on in 2018.

1.  Depression glass

2.  Stoves

3.  Bavaria

4.  McCoy

5.  Fenton

6.  Wedgwood

7.  Occupied Japan

8.  Nippon

9.  Metals

10. Delft

Kovels’ list of top searches reflects items that readers have and want to identify and value, as well as what their mothers and grandmothers owned. It brings to mind current words like reduce, reuse, recycle and repurpose.

Over the last few years, Kovels has seen a shift away from collectibles, like glassware, matching dinnerware and decorative ceramics that are hard to sell right now, to things like art glass, midcentury furniture and Pyrex that are functional and decorative.” Some buyers want to sell; others are on the hunt for antique or vintage things that they can create into something else. But everyone wants to know “Can you tell me who made this and when?” “What’s it worth?” “How much should I pay for one?” And “Where can I sell my collection of 25?”

Collectors who use can learn not only prices of antiques and collectibles, but also identifying features, marks and makers’ histories. Find 20,000 new prices and 2,500 new pictures, added just this month to Kovels’ online price guide. And even more prices and pictures are in our latest book, Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide 2019, available from online store and local bookstores.