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Antiques and collectibles searches on Kovels.com are often due to news of an interesting collection, a record price, or an amazing find that sends collectors off to do research. Pottery, porcelain, glass, and metals like silver, pewter, brass and copper are always popular with collectors and frequently searched. We have fine-tuned our search results for the first quarter of 2017 and here are 10 of the most searched-for antiques and collectibles categories that are creating interest among collectors and dealers.

1. Fenton (Pictured is a Fenton Blackberry Open Edge bowl. Price: $35.)

2. Depression glass

3. Bavaria

4. Wedgwood

5. McCoy

6. Stoves

7. Delft

8. Capo-di-Monte

9. Occupied Japan

10. Nippon

Our top search category was Fenton.  Lately, we have been getting a lot of questions about Fenton in our letters as well as the searches on the website.  The factory closed in 2011.  The collector clubs and the Fenton store are still active.  Only Fenton handcrafted glass jewelry is being made today.

The one that causes the most confusion is Capo-di-Monte. A very famous name in Italian porcelain, it was first used for porcelain made in Naples, Italy, from 1743 to 1759 and then in Spain until 1821. The name, molds, and marks were then bought and used by another company. Today, the Capo-di-Monte name and mark are used on cheaper pieces made in Italy, not by the original old companies. This causes confusion for new collectors. Searches show prices for old and new pieces.

For more prices, marks, and information, keep searching on Kovels.com. Find more prices here—the free online price guide—and in our newest book, Kovels' Antiques and Collectibles Price Guide 2017.



#9 KutaniZebra500 2018-08-20 17:09
I have a beautiful set of Chrysanthemum Kutani that my grandmother brought back from Japan way back when and left to me. Unfortunately, somewhere during the transport the plates (all but one) went missing. We all know how family members can get greedy during times of passing. Anyhow, I’m looking to purchase 11 plates to complete my set. Anyone know where I could find these? They are blue and gold in color, all stamped Genuine Kutani. Thanks
#8 CuriousTonya1974 2018-07-31 18:32
I have a dark green fentan bowl..ruffled top..any value
#7 Mckee White jar with wooden paddle lidCsquaredlivin 2018-07-18 22:31
I have what I think is a mckee milk glass small jar with a wooden paddle lid. It is small. Not the size of a butter churn. My father was born in 1940 snd this was his mothers. He told me it was a butter jar. I have searched and searched. I can’t find anything like it. Maybe it has nothing to do with butter? The wooden paddle almost looks more like a wide spatula made of wood. I am not interested in parting with it but want to find out what it is, The jar or canister is probably 6 inches high similat in size to a pickle jar you buy currently at the store. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!
#6 MccoyGrannymaw 2018-04-14 13:32
I was given a box of ceramic planters, 13 of them are McCoy’s. Some are not etched with a name, are all McCoy’s marked?
#5 Appledore Wedgewoodweesied 2018-02-12 18:08
I have a 12 piece complete set of Wedgewood Appledore China. Excellent condition, barely used.

How much is it worth?
#4 RE: Kovels' Top 10 Antiques & Collectibles Searcheswdwieser 2018-02-10 14:00
I have almost a complete set of early Heisey dishes. I'm going to move soon and don't have space for this, am looking to sell and would like an approximate value.
#3 Top 10 now way!Derrill 2018-01-11 23:05
I'm not sure how this could be true because in the area that I live in you can buy glass a penny on the dollar. It's not worth messing with, plus you have a ton on counterfeit glass. At auction I see all the above glass sell for nothing.
#2 NipponJbeezzz1 2017-09-13 07:32
I have a large vase thats stamped ESO hand painted nippon. How can I find out information on this item? Is there a way to send you a picture to verify it. Tks
#1 Ms.JayKay 2017-04-06 09:08
I've 2 matching crown ducal vases, to my amateur eye, I would say they are from the art deco era. They are black with large yellow & blue butterflies (2 on each) I believe my great grandmother carried them with her by ship from England to Tasmania. I've never seen anything like them anyware.

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