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Cut glass made during the turn of the 20th century sold recently at a North Carolina auction and is featured in a sale report in Kovels On Antiques & Collectibles October 2017 newsletter. The American “Brilliant Period” of cut glass lasted from 1876, the year of the Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition, until just before World War I. The glass was thick, heavy, deeply cut and very reflective—hence the name “brilliant.” Kovels’ sale report pictures American Brilliant Period cut glass pieces that include an oil lamp that auctioned for $9,000 and a green and clear 13-piece punch set that brought a whopping $114,000. Many 19th century sailors passed the time at sea making gifts for loved ones at home. Kovels’ October newsletter pictures scrimshaw and other sailor-made items of whale ivory, bone, wool and even canceled postage stamps that sold at auction in Massachusetts. And a Philadelphia auction offered a collection of Chinese and other Asian furniture. A Kovels’ October sales report pictures some intricately carved, inlaid, painted or lacquered examples with their prices.

Collectors of vintage Pyrex cook and serve ware know that “what’s old is new again.” The Kovels provide an update on the Pyrex collecting scene with pictures and prices of some classic Pyrex pieces. And collectors love antique sewing tools because of their unique designs and continued usefulness. Kovels' latest issue features an assortment of interesting old thimbles, pin cushions, thread dispensers and other sewing articles that sold in Virginia, where prices peaked at $380 for a fish-shaped needle holder.

Terry Kovel writes about the recent hurricanes and how collectors can weather the storm. Kim Kovel goes “on the road” to Florida to visit the Kampong, one of the National Tropical Botanical Gardens. The popular illustrated Collector’s Gallery answers readers’ questions about a Teddy Roosevelt pitcher, a platform rocker, an enamel “doublet” picture and an unusual round lighter that looks like a coin. October’s Dictionary of Marks lists makers of French art pottery. And more than 70 antiques and collectibles are listed in October’s Buyer’s Price Guide.

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