Kovels on Antiques and collectibles Vol. 39 No. 2
The October 2012 Kovels on Antiques and Collectibles newsletter is now available in print and online.

Cinderella, a doll by Madame Alexander, sold for $1,017, and was the top doll in a “Kovels on Antiques and Collectibles” sale report—part of the just-published October 2012 issue. Over 100 dolls dressed as characters from fairy tales or storybooks were in the sale. Not all were the dolls high-priced—dolls sold for as little as $11. Collectors look for anything Frankart and Kovels’ October newsletter has pictures and descriptions of 1930s Frankart lamps that auctioned for higher than estimates. The lamps, with cast-metal female nudes and glass globes or shades, sold for about $600 to over $2,000. Regency furniture turned up at more than one summer auction. Pieces were varied—chairs, tables, cabinets, bookcases—and prices were low, a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, less than modern reproductions. Photos, descriptions and prices are in Kovels’ on Antiques and Collectibles October newsletter.

Priced architectural elements from old houses—fan windows, fireplace mantels, and doors—are also featured as well as prices and pictures of midcentury Goldscheider ceramic busts with curly hair and enigmatic faces. Kovels’ October newsletter also reports on a group of Victorian silver-plated serving dishes. October’s Dictionary of Marks shows the marks found on Victorian English silver. Kim Kovel went “on the road” antique shopping in Spain. See some of her favorite shops in Madrid and Barcelona. Regular monthly features are here, too—the popular illustrated Collector’s Gallery has answers to readers’ questions, and the Buyer’s Price Guide lists current prices of dozens of antiques and collectibles.