Looking for that perfect gift for a collector friend? The elves at Kovels.com suggest a “go-with.” You don’t have to understand much about their collection of mechanical banks, paperweights, or prized toys. Here are some ideas for accessories to make their hunt a little easier, all for under $25.



1.  A streamlined gadget with multiple uses would be a handy go-with for a collector. This all-in-one tool is a pen and includes five handy accessories – a screwdriver, ruler, bubble level, a stylus tip for making notes on smart devices and a ballpoint end with a clip for making notes on paper. It sells for $25 in an online catalog. Keep one in a purse or car’s glove box because you never know when or where that next find will pop up that requires notes or more investigation.



2.  A small magnifying-glass will delight a collector who searches for marks or repairs on silver, pottery or furniture. Many maker’s marks are very small and often impossible to read in a dark corner. Look for a pendant magnifying glass worn on a chain, or a larger glass with an interesting handle for use at home. Pictured are three magnifying glasses that sold at auctions from $10 to $25; look for others in online shops. Many are reasonable enough to buy one for yourself too!


3.  A scarf. Make it red or another bright color (and vintage, of course) so your friend or loved one can be easily found at a show or flea market. This red and white silk scarf will stand out in a crowd. It’s vintage (1970s), marked Daniel la Foret, Paris, and sells for $20 online.


4.  Display stands. Encourage a collector friend to take his or her beautiful antique and vintage dishes out of their boxes and put them on display with small easels. They are clear, unobtrusive, available in different sizes, and are perfect for displaying pocket watches, butter pats and belt buckles as well as heirloom salad plates. A larger size is available for dinner plates. These are available on eBay for $5 to $7. Look for heavier Asian carved wood stands for bowls or plants in an assortment of sizes at big box stores. Don’t ruin good books by stacking them to hold plants.


5.  Help a collector learn more about their collectible, with news, tips and sources as well as what's selling for what by giving a subscription to Kovels on Antiques and Collectibles newsletter.

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