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Dealers and collectors aren’t immune to the rampant wire fraud, which according to FBI statistics may cost small U.S. businesses about $3 billion a year. We heard from a dealer this week that many dealers and shippers have been impacted and significant amounts have been stolen.  BEWARE! The fraudsters hack your emails and insert their own email, cloned to look like an email from a trusted person, into your email stream.  They then request a wire transfer providing all needed wire instructions for something that looks legitimate. Once a bank wire is sent, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get the money back.  If you need to send a wire, be sure to use “old “ technology and confirm on the telephone with someone that you know!




#3 Hover over a senders email17ubu 2018-06-02 12:58
I do the same thing when getting an unknown sender.
Lately receiving more unusual spam emails..When I
unsubscribe to that particular email, I get a noticed the email couldn't be sent to the sender...How do you get rid once and far all randomly annoying email??
#2 another simple tipDM1 2018-03-05 10:00
I get spam almost everyday. Sometimes the sender has stolen a name I recognize as a friend BUT when I hover over the name I see it is not the REAL person but a scammer. I RIGHT click on the sender and scroll down to "view raw message". It looks like a bunch of gobble gook, but often times you can see what they are sending. Most times it is a website to click on, other times it is bank information or wanting me to update my yahoo account. Then right click again and click on BLOCK. This will block this email permanently from sending to you. But they always can use a new email to send to you another scam so beware! It will dump the email in your trash can & I go delete it permanently. NEVER ever open an email you don't recognize. I hover over ever single email I get to make sure it is the person's email address. If you forget, go to contacts & see what their email address is before clicking on it to open the email. Hope this helps!
#1 simple email tip to help reduce fraudpipilo 2018-02-21 22:08
a simple way to tell if an email is really who you think it is and not fraud or spam is to hover on the senders email address in your email inbox without clicking it or opening it. you will see another email address which you will either recognize its real or if its something entirely different, suggest you simply delete it without opening or clicking.

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