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Today is International Women's Day, a day to celebrate women around the world and their economic, political and social achievements. One of the themes of this year’s observance focuses on women and the changing world of work.

We are taking a more light-hearted look at women in the workplace through Barbie, who turns 58 tomorrow, March 9. Barbie has more than 150 careers on her resume and reflects how women’s careers have changed since the 1950s. She broke the toy “glass ceiling” in 1960 when she worked as an astronaut and went to the moon.

Barbie was a “Commuter” in 1959 and a “Busy Gal” in 1960, both ambiguous terms for the “Career Girl” (1963) trying to find her footing. Over the years she has been a Fashion Editor (1960), Nurse (1961), Stewardess (1961; she became the Pilot in 1990), Surgeon (1973), and Veterinarian (1985). She entered the Board Room in the 1980s and 1992 as a Business Executive and CEO. She joined the military in 1991 as a Navy Petty Officer, the Marine Corp in 1992, became an Army Medic in 1993 and a Paratrooper in 2000. Barbie was also a Teacher (1985, 1992, and other years), Doctor (1988), UNICEF Ambassador (1989), Police Officer (1993), Pediatrician (1994), Firefighter (1995), Dentist (1997), Chef (2007), News Anchor (2010), Computer Engineer (2010), Architect (2011) and Presidential Candidate (2012). And she is still learning and exploring new careers.

So today, let’s applaud women’s accomplishments in all pursuits and be thankful for them.


Barbie, Miss Astronaut, 1965

Barbie, Registered Nurse Ensemble No. 991, 1961

Barbie, American Airlines Stewardess Ensemble No. 984, 1961-1964

Barbie, Fashion Editor Ensemble No. 1635, 1965

Barbie, Veterinarian, 1985

Barbie, Doctor, 1993

Barbie, Airline Pilot, 1999

Barbie, Firefighter, 1995

Barbie, Computer Engineer, 2010




#1 Barbie Dollsbengie 2017-03-09 05:39
I have quite a collection of Barbie dolls. Has their value gone up at all?
Claire Barrett

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