Ready for the start of school this fall? Have you thought of decorating with old school items?


With schools starting back, we thought it would be fun to look at schoolroom salvage and its prices. And guess what — we had a lot of fun remembering our school days.


country wooden school chalk board

Remember your classroom chalkboard that displayed everything from your ABCs to those knotty math problems and diagrammed sentences? This old (c. 1850) country schoolroom blackboard is 36 1/2 in. h. by 96 in. w., wood with square nails and black paint. It sold for $375. Photo: New Haven Auctions


childs school desk with cast iron swivel chair

Perhaps in elementary school you had a desk like this, with a built-in compartment to hold all your textbooks, notebooks, pens and pencils, ruler and erasers. This child’s desk was offered on eBay for $175. Photo: eBay, ronhar6492


general electric school vintage wall clock

How many times did you watch that clock to see how many minutes were left in the school day?  Those hands could move slowly when you were ready to get outside and play. This classic General Electric clock with a brown Bakelite shell around the dial sold for $125. Photo: Westport Auction


vintage school gymnasium bench

Were you one of those that preferred sitting on the bench in the gym or being out running laps? This wood and metal bench is 16 1/2 in. h. by 78 1/2 in. w. by 13 in. d., and sold for $615. Photo: Vogt Auction Galleries

large oak school breakfront cabinet

School furniture was built solid and strong to last through heavy use by students and teachers. This oak breakfront was used in a school’s chemistry lab and held bottles and equipment. It is 72 in. h. by 87 1/2 w. by 15 in. d., and sold for $704. Photo: Hunt and Peck Estate Services, Inc.



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