You’ve spent years accumulating “stuff” you love. You have lots of treasures. Here are things that are hiding in your house that might be worth money.


1.  Boxes that your pre-1970 toys came in. A working toy with the box is worth 20 percent more and easier to sell.

2.  Used handbags by major designers.

3.  Early iPhones in the box. An iPhone 1 (first generation) in its original box can sell in the thousands.

4.  Ceramics used by florists. Some of the containers that were used 20 years ago are collectible.

5.  Silver. It’s worth its weight and useful pieces are going up in value.

6.  Anything that has to do with serving wine or cocktails.

7.  Old rusty garden furniture. You can take the rust off and repaint and it doesn’t hurt the value.

8.  Family letters and photos from ancestors that describe the history of the time and place including personal events in detail.

9.  Posters by illustrators that turn out to be important artists or groups that later became famous.

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