Pilgrim doorstop

Image courtesy of CastIronOnline.com

Thanksgiving collectibles
aren’t as popular as Christmas or Halloween items, but determined collectors can find figures of turkeys, Pilgrims, Indians and cornucopias in ceramic, glass, pottery, paper, and wood, as well as platters, dishes, turkey-shaped glass bowls, salt and pepper shakers, candy containers, postcards and textiles. Also look for advertising and product labels, as well as boxes and cans that promote Thanksgiving.

This pilgrim doorstop was made in the 1920s by the Judd Mfg. Co. of New Britain, Connecticut, a foundry that was also known for its figural banks and bookends. It’s cast iron, 9 inches high, and sells for $350. You can use the doorstop as it was intended—to keep a door open—or display it on a mantel, a stairway, or in an antique cupboard. Tip—collectors want cast-iron doorstops with original paint. Repainting a doorstop, no matter how worn or battered, lowers the price.

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Best Wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving from Terry Kovel, Kim Kovel, and all of us at Kovels!