Identify a photograph with a note written with a lead pencil on the back of the photo. Don’t use a felt-tip or ballpoint pen. It can bleed thru to the image. Record the date, location, people and any other important comments like “wedding” or “family reunion.”


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    I recommend that everyone should scan your family pictures (old & new) on to an external hard drive or flash/thumb drive and put all the info that you have in “properties.” I have also done the same with old documents such as Birth Certificate, Death Certificates, Diplomas, Naturalization papers and any other paper items. I also sent all my siblings & my children these pictures and documents on flash drives. Hopefully this will preserve family history for generations to come. The originals may not survive, but at least these digital items will. I have known many people who lost everything in their homes due to fire, flood, tornadoes and hurricanes.

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