Be careful if you are marking prices or information with a sticker you place on a paper, cardboard, or even a painted metal collectible. Some glue will stick to the object and turn dark in a few years. Paint will pull off silver or another smooth metal surface.

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  1. JeanneRhea says:

    The best way I have found to remove adhesive from stickers, labels , or price tags is to use lighter fluid. This works on plastics, paper, metal, almost anything without leaving an oily spot. I have used it for over 30 years and am amazed that this suggestion is not provided. Always test in an inconspicuous spot, but if any remover is going to work without damage, this one will. I have used it on all kinds of ephemera, album covers, books, resin items, plastics, textiles, wood, and metal. Keep it handy.

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